Isopropyl Palmitate (IPP)

Isopropyl Palmitate (IPP)
Isopropyl Palmitate (IPP)


          Cosmetics /Personal care Grade Ingredient 

-Isopropyl palmitate (IPP)

Isopropyl palmitate is a clear, colorless to pale yellow-colored, practically odorless viscous liquid that solidifies at less than 16°C.

1) Skin care products: IPM and IPP have excellent penetration moisturizing and softening effect on the skin, and are widely used in skin care products.

(2) Cosmetics: as an extender in cosmetics, a combination agent of pressed powder cosmetics and a good solvent for pigment in makeup, it is often used in the formula of foundation cream, sunscreen, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara bone, etc.

(3) Detergent: used as softener and thickener in makeup remover oil, shower gel, hair conditioner or hair dye.

(4) Solvent: low viscosity, low volatility, can be used as a solvent to replace mineral oil, aromatic solvent used in ink, pesticides, etc.

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